How Healthy is Your Marketing

The success of your business relies on how healthy your marketing is.

If you strengthen key areas, and create good habits, you'll grow a thriving clientele.

Take this quickie quiz, and diagnose the state of your own marketing wellness.

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* 1. Please rate how you are doing with each of the following marketing activities:

  Very dissatisfied

Very Satisfied
Website Content – I have current and compelling website content, so people are enticed to contact me for more info.
Brochure – I have a current brochure with a marketing message aimed to attract clients
Profile/Bio - My profile sets me apart from the competition and compels people to engage with my business
Newsletter – I regularly send out e-newsletters designed to provide value, build relationships with my list, and encourage them to buy more.
Social Media – I have a strong social media presence that creates weekly leads for my business
Press Releases – I use press releases as a strategic tool to get visibility in the market, and differentiate me from my competition.
Blog Posts – I write posts for my own blog, which are interesting, and get shares or comments, that build community engagement.
Guest Blog Posts – I contribute to other people’s blogs to get exposure to a larger audience in my niche, and build my reputation.
Testimonials – I have current testimonials from raving fans, which are an effective marketing tool to attract my ideal clients.
Article Marketing – I’m writing articles, and posting in article directories, to drive traffic to my website, and build my credibility.

Now, let's see how healthy your marketing really is.

Based on the numbers at the top of each column (1-5), add up each column based on your selections.
Then, add up all your column totals to get a Grand Total.

Now with your Grand Total, review your marketing wellness diagnosis below.

TOTAL 40 – 50 Points – You are in great shape, and likely ready to add some more weights to your activities. Think about taking on something new.

TOTAL 25 – 39 Points – You’re paddling really hard, but you are scrambling to find what works best for your business. Focus on something that’s giving you results, and master it. If something's not working, it may be time to work on different tactics.

TOTAL 0 – 24 Points – If you’ve been in business for a while, you might be on life support. If you are new to business, then marketing seems overwhelming. It may be time to ask for help to stabilize you, so you can get some marketing momentum.

In all cases, there is room to grow your business by creating healthy marketing habits.       

Rank all the above marketing activities in order of importance to you. Then select one or two activities, and take action to build up your skills.

Question Title

* 2.

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Look at the overall wellness of your business, focus on activities that could boost your marketing momentum.

Here’s to your marketing health, and wealth!