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* 1. Survey tracking number:

* 2. How many people reside in your household over the age of 18 who will be completing this survey?

* 3. Did you attend the informational meeting on November 8th?

* 4. Did you review the meeting materials online?

* 5. Do you know where the Brooklyn Police department is located?

* 6. Police presence in the Village is adequate for the size of our community.

* 7. Overall, how would you rate the quality of service by the Brooklyn Police Department  (Select only ONE response)

* 8. What days AND times (select ALL times desired for EACH day) would you like to have police present in the Village?

  2 AM to 6 AM 6 AM to 10 AM 10 AM  to 2 PM 2 PM to 6 PM 6 PM to 10 PM 10 PM to 2 AM No coverage needed on this day 24 hours a day

* 9. What goals for the future would you like the board and the police department to focus on?

* 10. Are you aware, that if the Village board contracts with the Dane County Sheriff Department for policing services, a DEDICATED Deputy would be PHYSICALLY IN THE VILLAGE during the agreed upon hours?

* 11. Which option would you choose?