Caribou Country Club Membership Survey

Why are members being surveyed? By understanding what the country club does well, what makes it unique, and the drivers of member loyalty, we can all be prepared with a tailored Caribou Country Club value proposition and promote our country club to those outside our member community. Additionally, by understanding member satisfaction and how aspects of the country club are viewed, we can evaluate and prioritize areas of improvement for future projects and initiatives. Let's make sure we can make the Caribou Country Club the best it can be! Thank you for your participation in this survey!

* 1. Are you a member or a non-member?

* 2. How would you rate the below aspects of Caribou Country Club?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Golf Course: Tees
Golf Course: Fairways
Golf Course: Rough
Golf Course: Bunkers
Golf Course: Greens
Clubhouse: Building
Clubhouse: Bathrooms
Clubhouse: Cleanliness
Clubhouse: Quality
Clubhouse: Value for Money
Clubhouse: Menu Variety
Prohshop: Helpfulness
Prohshop: Politeness
Prohshop: Professionalism
Prohshop: Stock
Prohshop: Price
Overall level of satisfaction

* 3. If you could improve 1 or 2 things about Caribou Country Club, what would they be? (Please specify below)

* 4. What do you think Caribou Country Club does well? (Please specify below)

* 5. Compared to other local courses you've played at, what makes Caribou Country Club unique? (Please specify below)

* 6. What is your motivating factor for being a member of Caribou Country Club? (Select all that apply)

* 7. Besides regular rounds of golf, how many club events do you participate in? (Volunteering is not considered an event, but we greatly appreciate your help!)

* 8. If the club could offer any other events or activities to improve the value of your membership, what would they be? (Please specify below)

* 9. What is your preferred means of receiving Caribou Country Club news and updates?

* 10. How often do you visit Caribou Country Club's website and social media pages?

  Frequently Sometimes Rarely Never
Facebook: Caribou Country Club
Twitter: @caribougolf