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We are creating a jar that has a twist up or push up bottom that allows you to raise the level of salsa/dip that is in the jar, allowing you to get every last bit of salsa from the jar.

* 1. How often do you eat chips with dip?

* 2. Would you prefer consuming dip from a bowl or the jar? Why?

* 3. When you purchase dips in jars, how much of it do you finish completely?

* 4. Would you purchase a jar with a twist up or spring loaded bottom to help raise the level of the dip compared to a regular dip jar?

* 5. How much does a company's dedication to “going green” affect your purchase?

* 6. Are you more likely to purchase an item at a slightly higher price if it is more convenient? If yes, how much more?

* 7. What type/flavor of dip do you typically purchase?

* 8. Would you like to see this product in use for other things such as peanut butter or jelly?

* 9. Do you re-use food containers?

* 10. Are you drawn to products that display certain logos (i.e sports team)?

* 11. Would you serve a dip in a re-usable twist up salsa jar at a gathering?