Water and wastewater utilities implement capital projects to help them achieve capital program goals. Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) typically are intended to provide organizational value and meet strategic drivers and levels of service. With a new normal of “doing more with less” and an increased/elevated scrutiny on all business activities, project benefits and value of these projects may only be fully realized through efficient and effective Project and Program Management.

WEF established the CIP Planning and Delivery Subcommittee (under the purview of the WEF Utility Management Committee) to support water and wastewater organizations and establish educational content as well as peer – collaboration opportunities in the areas of:
  •   capital program development and implementation
  •   construction management
  •   facility start‐up
  •   project management
  •   project management software
  •   alternative project delivery

This survey is being sent out to the entire WEF membership with a goal to gain a well-rounded understanding of project management related organizational needs, challenges, and potential opportunities from a process, people, and technology perspective. Results of this survey will be analyzed and shared with participating organizations. The results of this survey are intended to provide water/wastewater organizations an industry benchmark to compare and measure their own project management needs/opportunities/challenges.

In addition, the CIP Planning and Delivery Subcommittee will use the results of the survey as input and guidance into developing future WEF learning (webcasts, technical sessions, workshops, etc.) opportunities.