Upon reading the information contained in the School of Professional Development (SPD) website at http://www.stonybrook.edu/spd and printing out the online student reference “SPD BULLETIN,” initial each of the statements listed below to indicate that you have a thorough understanding of the requirements for participation. All items must be initialed with YOUR Initials (two initials, only, please). If you do not understand a statement, please email SPD Student Services at spd@stonybrook.edu or call SPD Graduate Admissions and Student Services, 631.632.7050, option 1. (The Orientation website is available at http://www.sunysb.edu/spd/agcorient/index.html for future reference.)

* 1. Admit term:

* 2. Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) Program:

* 3. I have read and understood everything contained in the Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) Program Orientation website.

* 4. I have read and understood the online student reference, the SPD BULLETIN, which contains academic information and SPD Policies and Procedures.

* 5. I understand that an official transcript reflecting conferral of my Bachelor's degree must be received in the SPD office from a Collegiate Institution before I will be eligible to enroll/register in classes.

* 6. Name of Collegiate Institution

* 7. I understand that I am responsible for reviewing and adhering to my AGC program requirements and for completing the program of study as outlined in the AGC program description on the SPD website at http://www.stonybrook.edu/spd/graduate. Furthermore, I understand that I must complete all AGC program requirements within three (3) years from the semester date of admission as a matriculated student. This means that all requirements must be completed by end-Fall 2018 for Spring 2016 admits and end-Spring 2019 for Summer 2016 admits. (If this AGC program is taken in collaboration with a graduate degree program at Stony Brook University, I understand I then have five (5) years for completion of the AGC program from the term of matriculation in my graduate degree program.)

* 8. I understand that I must maintain a 3.00 (B) cumulative grade point average for all graduate courses taken at Stony Brook as well as a 3.00 cumulative GPA for the credits used to earn the AGC. If my cumulative GPA falls below 3.00, I will automatically be placed on Academic Probation. If I achieve a GPA of 3.00 or better after completing six (6.0) more graduate credits, I understand that I will return to regular matriculated status. If my cumulative GPA remains below 3.00 after attempting 6.0 graduate credits, I will not be permitted to re-enroll or continue in the program.

* 9. I understand that if I am matriculated in an Online program I am ineligible to take in-person classes. I understand that if I am matriculated in a Traditional program I am eligible to take both in-person and online classes.

* 10. I understand that grades appearing on my academic record may not be changed after one calendar year for any reason. Further, I understand that students may not graduate with an open record, such as an "I"/Incomplete, "NR"/No Record, or missing grade. It is incumbent on me to ensure that all grading problems are corrected within one calendar year from the official end of the term in which the problem course resides.

* 11. I understand that I must comply with University policies pertaining to SPD students, as well as SPD Policies and Procedures, as published in the online SPD BULLETIN. Further, I understand that I must adhere to the dates and deadlines for academic activity, including, but not limited to, add, drop, swap, withdraw from classes as published each term in the online "Graduate Students & SPD" Academic Calendar at www.stonybrook.edu/spd/current/calendar.

* 12. I am aware that I must file for graduation -- whether or not I plan to attend the graduation ceremony -- once I have enrolled in the last course needed to satisfy my AGC program requirements. I am aware that there is an Application for Graduation filing deadline each term, and it is my responsibility to file for graduation clearance prior to the deadline date published in the appropriate term’s "Graduate Students & SPD" Academic Calendar. Graduation applications received by SPD after the published deadline will not be evaluated for graduation clearance until all other candidates for degree or certificate have been processed. This may result in a significant delay.

If I do not file an application for graduation clearance, I understand the Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) will not be posted to my transcript and a diploma will not be issued.

* 13. I am aware that I can request transfer of a maximum of six (6) graduate credits (no older than 5 years with a “B” or better grade) from external institutions according to the Transfer Credit Request policy in the SPD BULLETIN and instructions on the Cover Sheet to the Transfer Credit Request Form. I understand that Prior Approval must be obtained for courses to be taken and transferred after admission to the program. Application for transfer credits/courses must be received and approved by SPD prior to registration for the intended transfer credits.

* 14. I understand the difference between Conditional and Final Admit status as described in the AGC Program description on the SPD website and as contained in the Online Orientation.

* 15. I have read the information about Stony Brook's policy regarding academic honesty. (PDF)

* 16. To avoid any lapse, delay, or break in communication from SPD and/or the University, I understand that it is my responsibility to update my personal contact information via my SOLAR account whenever there is a change. I also understand that it is my responsibility to use my "...@stonybrook.edu" email address for all communication with SPD and the University as soon as I am assigned my "...@stonybrook.edu" email address.

* 17. I understand I must file an Immunization Record (MMR form) with Student Health Service (SHS) before the first day of classes . If I do not comply with this requirement by the first day of classes, the Student Health Service Office will block future enrollment. Further, I understand that if I am a New York State resident and have not complied by the 16th day of the semester/term, I will be administratively deregistered from all classes . (Out of State residents and international students have 45 days to comply.)

* 18. I understand I will receive a letter from the School of Professional Development (SPD) officially notifying me of my admission status only when my application file is complete; that is, when my application, application fee, and all required application materials, including this online Orientation Checklist, have been submitted to and received by SPD.

* 19. Student Information

Please print out a copy of this checklist for your records. By clicking "Done" the student agrees to all of the statements listed above. DO NOT submit this form if you are uncertain about any of the statements on this checklist or any of the information contained in the Orientation. If you have questions, you should e-mail an SPD Academic Advisor at spd@stonybrook.edu.