Cook County Vendor Satisfaction Survey

In our efforts to improve levels of service to Cook County citizens and the business community, we are soliciting feedback on your experience interacting with the Office of the Purchasing Agent.

Please reply to all evaluation questions below using the 5-point scale and enter any comments to elaborate on the ratings provided to each question.

* 1) The purchasing website is easy to navigate and convenient to use.

* What do you like or dislike about the purchasing website? How could we improve it?

* 2) It is easy to access and view bid opportunities on the Cook County website.

* Why is it easy or difficult to access and view bid opportunities? What could we do to facilitate accessing them?

* 3) The Cook County purchasing process is open and transparent.

* Why do you feel the purchasing process is or is not transparent? What could make it more transparent and open?

* 4) The Cook County purchasing process is inviting and I am encouraged to participate in the bidding process.

* What encourages or discourages you about the bid solicitation process? What would make you more likely to participate?

* Thank you! If you would like, please provide the info below for our records.