Spiritual Experience Survey

I am interested in hearing from people who have had one or more experiences which they would describe as "spiritual" in nature. The purpose of this survey is to see the variety and the commonality of these experiences, as well as the impact they have or have not had on the lives, and the self/world concept of people who have had them.

* 1. Please tell your current age; your age at the time of the experience; your religious background; and your current religious identification (if any).

* 2. Please provide the contact information below:

* 3. If you have had one or more experiences that you think of or understand as "spiritual" in nature, could you describe the phenomenology of the experience as clearly as possible. Please try to describe the actual experience, and not the meaning or causes or theological framework that you put it in. Without any of those "lenses", describe what the experience was i.e. what did you see, sensorily feel, taste, hear; was there an "inner experience", and if so, how would you describe it phenomenologically? Was any of this available for others to see, hear, feel, etc?

* 4. Could you describe the context in which this experience happened? Where were you? Were you with others? Was there a special circumstance? What was your frame of mind or emotional state prior to this experience? How old were you? Please include answers to these questions, as well as any other information which could give a full sense of the physical, relational, and emotional context that you were in when this occurred.

* 5. What meaning have you given or taken from this experience? How do you describe it or explain it, or make sense of it? What makes you think of this experience as "spiritual" in nature?

* 6. How has this experience effected how you live your life?

* 7. How has it effected the way that you experience yourself and the world?

* 8. Is there anything else that you would like to convey about this experience and/or the ripples that it has created?

* 9. Thank you for your engagement. Would you be interested in my sharing any results of this survey with you?