* 1. At what point, roughly, would "Buy a new one" win over "Fix the old one", assuming tools and skill weren't an issue? That is, if you knew something would take 1 hour for you to fix, how expensive would a replacement have to be for you to fix it instead of buy it? $10? $20? $50

* 2. Does that per-hour figure change if you know it'll take 5 hours? 8 hours?

* 3. What puts you off fixing or making things, at the moment? Lack of tools, or lack of knowledge, or fear that you'll make the problem worse?

* 4. If I opened my garage up and said "Bring me the things you want fixed", would you bring them if I insisted that you pick up a tool and learn how to fix them yourself as the price?

* 5. Would you barter something - another skill, or home-made cake, or home-grown vegetables, or something you had made, instead?

* 6. How far would you travel to take part in something like this?

* 7. If you have a garage/shed/workspace, would you make it available for a skillsharing session, or working bee?

* 8. If not, is that because you don't want tools damaged, and you would provide space and knowledge if someone else brought tools?

* 9. Would you pay a nominal fee to a space that provided tools and regular skill share sessions?