1. Your perceptions and our gratitude!

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Our schools understand that information from parents, students, staff, and community members is essential. We thank you for answering this short survey.

If you would like a paper copy instead of the on-line version, please contact a building principal.

We assess our programs annually.

* 1. Please check the ONE option that fits you best.

* 2. My answers on this survey are for the following school (1 answer only):

* 3. My student receives services through Title I or 31A (i.e., special tutoring during the school day).

* 4. Students feel safe.

* 5. Students feel like they belong.

* 6. Students feel that staff members care about them.

* 7. The Full Value Agreement provides a good framework for student and staff expectations.

* 8. The staff listens to me.

* 9. There is strong leadership from teachers and administrators.

* 10. There is a clear and appropriate educational plan for students (e.g., curriculum, assessments, goal attainment, etc.)

* 11. I have opportunities to be involved in educational decisions involving my student.

* 12. I use the school website.

* 13. Students are given recognition.

* 14. There are opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom.

* 15. There is a clear focus on learning.

* 16. There are clear expectations of respect and responsibility.

* 17. Students receive the support they need.

* 18. Students are motivated to learn.

* 19. Assignments, discussions, performances, and other learning opportunities allow students to think, create, communicate, and present.

* 20. Homework is a natural extension of course content.

* 21. The staff closely monitors and reports academic progress to parents, guardians, and students.

* 22. Schools are clean and well-maintained.

* 23. Students are not repeatedly and intentionally harmed or harassed within the school.

* 24. Students and staff get along well.

* 25. It is easy for students to get help.

* 26. Optional Question:
What does our school do well?

* 27. Optional Question:
How could we improve?

You have now completed our 2016-2017 Elementary Perception Survey. Thank you for your time and thoughts. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact a building administrator.

Our School and District Improvement Teams