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* 1. Content Warning: This survey may mention or contain topics that can be distressing or bring up past trauma.

We would like to collect data, stories and information on the experiences of neurodivergent girls, women and gender diverse individuals, with a particular focus on those who are either diagnosed, identified (or questioning) as ADHD.
This survey is open to members of our community who are multiply-neurodivergent (eg autistic and ADHD) as well as those who just have an ADHD diagnosis/identity.

Why are we collecting this data:

Yellow Ladybugs is keen to prepare a joint submission with our community to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Assessment and support services for people with ADHD. On 28 March 2023, the Senate referred an inquiry into the "barriers to consistent, timely and best practice assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and support services for people with ADHD" to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report by 27 September 2023.

There will be a range of ways that Yellow Ladybugs will share the experiences and accounts of our community. You are also encouraged to provide your own submission if you wish. Submissions are due by 9 June 2023.

How you can participate:
* By responding to the survey and contributing to the questions, so we can collect data on general questions related to ADHD.
* Please note you can fill out the survey multiple times if you want to complete it for yourself and also for any children in your care.
* You can also share your personal story in more detail as part of the final open-ended questions in the survey.

NB. When providing your story, you can remain anonymous by giving a pseudonym (another name that is not your real name).

Survey design: We have done our best to design this survey as ADHD friendly. There are a variety of questioning styles with some multiple choice and short answer options. You can select N/A and move on quickly through some sections if they are not relevant to you. The time taken to complete the survey is 10-20 minutes depending on how many sections you decide to provide short answers for.

By submitting your responses, you agree Yellow Ladybugs can share your responses in our submission to the Inquiry, as outlined above. Type “Yes” below If you agree.

Question Title