Quilting Arts October/November 2012 Reader Survey

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Minding Your Business: Working with an artist coach (Davila)
Replenish Your Creative Well: Fiber Art Groups: Start your own art group (Krawczyk)
The Vessel as Art (Julie Richardson)
Dye Your Own Cloth (Marcia Derse)
Stitch on Air (Nancy Green)
Photo Finish: Photograph your own quilts (Maria Elkins)
Combining Linear & Organic Designs (Deborah Boschert)
Paper Lamination Stencils (Carolyn T. Abbott)
Artist Q & A: Marcia Derse (Vivika Hansen DeNegre)
Q & A with Curators Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison (Vivika Hansen DeNegre)
'Rituals' Gallery
Out of the Toolbox (Jamie Fingal)
Results from the "What's Your Signature Color?" Reader Challenge

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