1. Tyne Tees BCC Survey


The purpose of this is survey is to understand the needs and requirements of the members of the Tyne Tees BCC section of the British Caravanners Club.

The survey is intended to gauge, thoughts of the membership, in relation to existing formats and activities the club currently provide.

Point of Note:
This survey is for the use of the Tyne Tees BCC members only and has been designed and developed at no cost to the section, all responses are strictly anonymous.

* 1. How would you rate the distribution range of rally fields across the Tyne Tees section area?
(select one)

  Good Average Poor
Utilisation of regions attractions
Programme distribution dates across region

* 2. Which of the following are your preferred site types ?
(Multiple selection)

* 3. When looking at rally field locations, What do you consider ?
(Multiple choice)

  Within Walking Distance WIthin 2 Miles Within 5 Miles Within 10 Miles Not Applicable
Access to Sporting/Leisure facilities
Areas of natural beauty
Close to Town/Village/Major City
Eating Out
Local retail facilities
Places of Interest

* 4. When Considering attending a weekend meet, what do you consider in a site?
(Multiple choice per column)

  Important Less Important Not Considered
General site ground conditions
On site entertainment/activities
Previous experiences of site
Site access
Traveling distance
Type of site