Priority Improvement/Turnaround Orientation

This orientation session is designed to provide school and district leaders with an introduction to CDE’s support for districts and schools with Priority Improvement and Turnaround ratings. Participants will gain an understanding of the mechanics of the 5-year accountability timeline, learn what supports CDE staff can provide to districts and schools, and engage with peers in sharing experiences. This session will be facilitated by the School and District Performance Unit, with support from CDE staff familiar with school and district accountability and the Unified Improvement Planning process.

This session is targeted for school leaders with priority improvement (or turnaround) designation. Participants should consider sending a team of people who are engaged in the improvement planning process. This could include superintendents, assistant superintendents, instructional directors, principals, and other school leaders.

Please bring the following materials to the orientation session: Most-recent UIP, school-based data, school schedule, and other planning materials that would be helpful for planning.

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