1. Section 1

* 1. Please fill in the following:

* 2. What kind of color blindness do you suffer from?

* 3. Is your deficiency hereditary? If so, who in your family has it? If not do you know anyone who does or to what extent do you know about being colorblind.

* 4. Describe a day to me and how colorblindness affects you and your every day decisions? How do you cope with your current situation? If you don't have a deficiency how would you cope with it?

* 5. Do you own an iPhone, Blackberry, or a phone that has a camera? If yes, what phone? If not, would you like to in the future, and which one?

* 6. Would you find it helpful if there was a device capable of telling what color things were or more of a hassle?

* 7. Has your deficiency affected your retail or educational experiences? Explain. If you don't have a deficiency how do you think it would?

* 8. Do you find it difficult to find a job based on your deficiency? If you don't have a deficiency, do you feel that they are discriminated against?

* 9. How often do these color-related problems occur and where? If you don't have a deficiency in what cases would you think problems occur?

* 10. Suggestions to make the product better, what would you suggest? Or what would you like to see our product do?