We are exploring the trends in volunteer management.

We want to ask how your church matches the personnel needs of various ministries in the church (such as hospitality or childcare) with the members who are willing to serve.

Many churches spread the job across the roles of staff and non-paid coordinators. Some churches, though, are hiring (or designating) a person who focuses on guiding people into volunteer positions.

* 1. Does your church have a position (paid or unpaid) for someone who coordinates volunteers?

* 2. [If yes] What is this position called?

* 3. [If yes] Has this position been called something else in the past?

* 4. [If yes] What was this position called in the past?

* 5. [If yes] What portion of this position is dedicated to coordinating volunteers (including recruiting, overseeing, training, etc.)?

* 6. Do you have any other comments?

Thank you for your contribution to this on-going research project. We appreciate your help!