1. Your Voice in Important Decisions

The Third World Center (TWC) is currently searching for an assistant director. Since the TWC works with several student groups and individuals, it is important to understand as many perspectives as possible throughout the process. This search is not solely about the TWC, but may also influence diversity initiatives on campus in the future.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and send it along to your listservs/other student groups.

* 1. Please list the services and resources the TWC has provided you with and indicate any improvements/innovations you would like to see within the center.

* 2. Did you meet any of the candidates for assistant director?

* 3. If so, who?

* 4. What were your thoughts on this/these candidate? Do you have any serious reservations?

* 5. What qualities do you want to see in an assistant director?

* 6. Please share any ideas or thoughts on a new vision/trajectory for the TWC