Thank you for taking the time to complete the library satisfaction survey. Our goal is to provide the highest quality library service available within the constraints of the Library's operating budget. Your answers will provide the library with guidance for future and current services.

* 1. The Bedford Public Library is doing a good job of providing for my library needs.

* 2. Rate the customer service you receive from the Bedford Public Library staff.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Unknown
Ability of staff to quickly assist you
Friendliness of staff
Knowledge of staff

* 3. How important are each of the following library activities.

  Very Important Important No opinion Not Important Not important at all
Checking out materials
Getting information
Using a computer/Internet
Free Wireless Access
Fax Machine & Scanner
Adult Programs
Teen Programs
Children's Programs

* 4. What is your overall grade for the Bedford Public Library?

25% of survey complete.