General operations questions

We are developing a publicly available life-cycle optimization model for solid waste management. This model will be capable of performing life-cycle assessments of solid waste processes and systems. The optimization framework is intended to assist in identifying alternative solid waste management strategies that meet cost, energy and environmental objectives.

Identifying information is not required and will not be shared if provided. Data will be aggregated for a number of facilities and is intended to help us build an accurate and up-to-date life-cycle composting module for the larger life-cycle optimization model.

Please answer all of the questions to the best of your ability, and feel free to skip any questions that you prefer not to answer.

Thank you for your time.

* 1. Please provide your email address if you are willing to be contacted with follow-up questions.

* 2. Please describe your composting process. Include descriptions of the number and type of equipment used at your facility.

* 3. How much material do you compost in a month or year? What materials do you compost? (e.g. Leaves, Grass, Branches, Foodwaste, Biosolids, Sawdust, Wood chips) Where does your material come from? (e.g., residential, commercial or industrial generators)

* 4. How many days per year do you operate? How many hours per day do you typically operate?

* 5. How many laborers, administrative staff, and supervisory/managerial personnel are used at your facility during a shift?

* 6. What is the tipping fee charged for various feedstocks? What do you charge for your end products?

* 7. What are the retention times at the various stages of your process?

* 8. What is the typical end use for your products? How far does it typically travel?

* 9. How much fuel and/or electricity does your facility typically use in a month or year?

* 10. What is the moisture content of your material at various stages in the process (initial feedstock through final product)?