European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen declared the Commission’s objective of a carbon-neutral economy that worked for all through the European Green Deal. Alongside this, the EC published their first Gender Equality Strategy, showing their confirmed commitment to a ‘Union of Equality’. However, the connection between these two objectives is not made explicit: the European Green Deal, the most important policy framework of the current political term, is gender blind. It does not refer to gender equality or broader equality issues (beyond a narrowly defined just transition mainly targeted at coal areas) and is not based on any gender analysis.

The links between gender and environment have been extensively researched, showing for example the different consumptions patterns and carbon emissions of women and men, and the differentiated gendered impact of these diverse consumption patterns.

This is why the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) are collaborating on a new project to strengthen the gender-environment nexus, striving for gender equality within the European Green Deal, for a transition towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral wellbeing economy.

The project will culminate in the publication of a report analyzing the existing gaps, risks and opportunities in the European Green Deal in relation to gender issues, as well as proposing concrete recommendations for the European Union and Member States. We will include an intersectional perspective in our research and focus mostly on internal environmental policies, as the external gendered and environmental impacts of EU policies has already been extensively researched. Other activities will consist of the current survey, the organization of peer-learning webinars between the environmental and women’s rights movement, as well as communication, dissemination and advocacy activities following the report’s publication.

This survey has the following objectives:
  • To understand your interests and existing activities on the links between gender and environment in your policy work
  • To map out existing initiatives and best practices on the topic
  • To provide intelligence and data for our report 

While this survey mainly focuses on your interests and activities regarding the links between gender and environment in your policy work, we are also interested to know more about the state of gender equality inside your organization. That is why we have included a set of questions on that topic at the end of the survey.

Targets of the survey

This survey will be shared with European environmental organizations, European women’s rights and gender organizations and the wider European sustainable development CSOs community. We kindly ask that you share your answers by Wednesday 28th April COB

The data collected in this survey will remain anonymous and we will not quote your organization's answers, unless approved. All information we gather is processed in line with the EEB's privacy policy that you can read in full here
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