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We wanted to thank you for participating in the LA program this semester. Together, we have expanded reform of science and mathematics courses at FIU. Change in the physics program has been furthered, expanding the number of LA supported labs so all students benefit from the reform. Initial data in mathematics suggest that the presence of LAs in College Algebra and Intermediate Algebra have a substantial impact on student success rates. In chemistry, multiple measures have shown that flipping introductory chemistry courses supported by Learning Assistants, improves student performance.

You've been the key to our success, since you are at the forefront working with students in FIU’s STEM classes. Through your efforts we have learned much about how to effect change and improve instruction across the university. FIU's Deans, Provost, President, and Board of Trustees are proud of our work and envision it becoming a hallmark of the university.

Your efforts are also impacting FIU's reputation at the national level. We continue to host visitors who want to experience FIU's science and mathematics reform, first hand. These visitors are always awed by our LA's and the work they do. We are called upon regularly to share our knowledge of reform at national meetings. None of this would be possible without your dedication and support.

We want to remind you of FIUteach, a secondary STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teacher preparation initiative that is helping to produce qualified math and science teachers. FIUteach gives you the opportunity to receive endorsement for secondary teacher certification without adding time or expense to your four-year degree program.

As we plan for the next semester, we want to learn about your intentions. The goal of the LA program is to learn about education and give STEM teaching a try. We are confident that this experience will benefit you in whatever career you choose.

Please be aware that the following factors will be strongly considered when assigning LA spots to returning LAs: departmental needs, funding, scheduling, your past LA work with faculty and TAs, strong performance in the LA seminar, maintaining a healthy GPA, and balancing new and returning recruits.

Again, we'd like to thank you for improving STEM teaching at FIU and helping your peers succeed. We hope that the LA program has helped you define your passion for learning and helping others learn.

Looking forward to your application!

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