Zinelibraries.info is undergoing some updates to make it more relevant for zine librarians of all stripes. Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your opinions so the site can best serve your needs.

* 1. Do you currently use zinelibraries.info?

* 2. If you don't use zinelibraries.info, can you tell us why? Or, what about the site have you found lacking and want most improved?

* 3. What would you like to see on zinelibraries.info?

* 4. What functions would you want to use on zinelibraries.info?

* 5. Is there anything you DON'T want to see on zinelibraries.info?

* 6. Do you have a preference between the following content management systems? If you do, please explain.

* 7. Would you appreciate more information and tutorials about using whatever content system we implement (wordpress, drupal, wikis, etc.) as we redesign the site--at the next zine librarians unconference or online?

* 8. Other comments and suggestions?