The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) is recruiting volunteer reviewers for multiple grant program proposal reviews. The grant programs are the Community Justice Reinvestment Grants, American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Violence Intervention GrantsSex Trafficking Investigations Grants, Violent Crimes Enforcement Teams Grants, ARPA Survivor Support and Prevention (RFP not released yet) and Youth Intervention Prevention Grants (RFP not released yet). Please click on the grant program to view the request for proposals.

OJP is interested in a broad range of individuals for grant reviews, however reviewers should possess some knowledge of criminal justice systems or services being requested in the RPFs. Review teams may include business members, faith community members, other community members, including youth, county attorney staff, social service workers, juvenile justice service providers, public health specialists, law enforcement representatives, evaluators, state agency representatives, etc. 

You will only be asked to review for one grant program, please indicate your experience and the grant program/s you would be willing and available to review for. When choosing the grant program, please consider your availability to attend the review meeting noted by the grant program. 

As a reviewer you will receive 8-10 applications to review, reading and scoring takes about 30-60 minutes for each application. You will then attend a three hour Zoom meeting with 4-5 other reviewers to discuss the applications and make your final funding recommendation.

Proposals will be emailed to reviewers approximately 2 weeks before the grant review. Reviewers will review and score each proposal before the grant review meeting. Scores may be changed during grant review meetings based on discussion. To avoid obvious conflicts of interest, reviewers will be sent proposals from geographic areas other than their own. All grant reviewers are required to watch a PowerPoint presentation about reviewing proposals, and declare they have no conflicts of interest with the applications they receive.

If you are interested and available to be a proposal reviewer, please complete the survey below.

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* 3. Do you identify yourself as belonging to an under-served population? i.e. Woman, BIPOC, LGBTQAI etc.

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* 4. Choose the grant program/s you are interested and available to review for (select all that apply). Please note anticipated review group dates when making your selections.