1. Please answer the following:

3. This is my ______ year in the Native Fish in the Classroom Project at my school.

4. Directions: This is part of an LSU and Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries research project about students and the environment. Please answer each question the best you can.

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1. Fish that can be caught and kept by rod and reel are called sport fish.
2. Invasive species are a problem in our wetlands.
3. A native species is a species that occurs naturally in an area.
4. Fish cannot survive in water without oxygen.
5. The Gulf of Mexico is a part of the ocean.
6. Marshes are nurseries for baby fish.
7. The ocean is so big that we can't pollute it.
8. The paddlefish is one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America.
9. Bacteria can be useful in an aquarium to change harmful fish wastes and ammonia into less toxic substances.
10. pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance.
11. Otoliths are fish vertebrae.
12. Dams can alter fish habitat.
13. Asian carp compete with native fish for food.
14. Nitrites and ammonia are more toxic to fish than nitrates.
15. Most fish need specific environmental conditions to grow and survive.