* 1. How many times do you visit the library a month?
If you're unable to visit the library, would you be interested in our Free homebound delivery service? If yes, please provide your name and telephone number in the box below:

* 2. How do you find out about what is happening at the library?

* 3. Which Library resources do you use most often?

* 4. Please rate your interest in attending the following types of trips, classes and programs:

  Not at all interested Somewhat interested Very interested
Computer classes (online)
Craft classes (in library)
Art classes (in library)
Cooking demos (in library)
Author lectures (in library)
Local history programs
Concerts (in library)
Exercise classes (in library)
Lectures (in library)
Concerts (on Long Island)
Museums (on Long Island and NYC)
Garden Tours (local)
House Tours (local)
Golf outings (local)
Family trips (local and NYC)
Broadway shows (NYC)
Ballet (NYC)
Opera (NYC)
Do Your Own Thing (NYC)
Tours (Tri-state area)
Zoos & Aquariums (NYC)
Sporting Events (Long Island and NYC)

* 5. List specific classes, programs or trips you would be interested in attending:

* 6. Would you be interested in learning computer coding (how to write your own computer program, game or app)?

* 7. When classes are held at the Library (for example computer or craft classes), would you prefer a one session class or would you be willing to attend multi-session classes?

* 8. Do you prefer to attend trips, classes and programs on: 

* 9. What is your age range?

* 10. What is your gender?