* 1. Please specify your involvement in the School District of Janesville. I am a;

* 2. In the recent past, we have heard about the School Board discussing teacher's dress codes, and whether or not to make teachers pay for parking. Do you feel these efforts are worth the attention of the School Board? Why? If NOT, what issues would you rather see the School Board focus on?

* 3. Superintendent Schulte recently returned from China where she and staff have been forging new relations with schools there. The district serves approximately 400 students (out of 10,400 total students) in its Chinese language program. How important is this program to you as a parent, taxpayer or student? AND in the comment box, do you feel these programs are important for our district to attract new students?

* 4. Many programs in the district have been cut or lost funding in the past few years due to budget issues. What programs in the School District would you like to see reinstated or expanded? What new programs would you like to see introduced? What programs would you like to see cut?

* 5. The Studer Group has been working with the District since 2007 in part, to improve communication between staff, parents and students. How do you feel the Studer model has improved or not improved communication between staff, parents and teachers? Has there been noticeable improvement in your child's education since this program was implemented? https://www.studergroup.com/about_studergroup/index.dot

* 6. How important is it to you or your student to participate in a music program in school? If your student is involved with band, orchestra or choir, does the program satisfy your student's needs? Please explain in the comment box.

* 7. If your student attends an alternative school within our district, for example, the Virtual Academy or Charter School, can you share your thoughts on the progress and educational quality of the program? If your child does NOT attend an alternative school, how do you feel about the funding and support of these programs?

* 8. If you have contacted the School District of Janesville's Administration, could you describe the outcome of your discussion? Were you satisfied with the communication and follow-up you received?

* 9. The School Board also recently discussed purchasing property to house alternative schools that are currently in leased space. Do you agree that the district needs to purchase property? If not, do you have suggestions on how the district should handle the locations of these alternative schools?

* 10. As a parent, student or taxpayer, what are your top 3 concerns with or suggestions for the School District of Janesville and our School Board?

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