* 1. What was your main purpose for contacting your W.I.N. counselor today?

* 2. How did you contact the W.I.N.?

* 3. Which counselor assisted you today?

* 4. Please describe your most recent interaction with a W.I.N. counselor. Were you satisfied with the service you received?

* 5. Have you recommended the W.I.N. to a classmate in need of assistance?

* 6. Which functions would you like the W.I.N. to be able to assist with more thoroughly?

* 7. How do you rate the availability of the W.I.N.?

* 8. How important do you feel the W.I.N. has been in your educational pursuit at Indiana Tech?

* 9. If you could add additional services to be offered by the W.I.N. what would those services be?