1. Teacher Year End FACT Program Evaluation 2011-12

Please answer the following questions.

* 1. What school are you affliated and grade do you teach?

  Pre K kindergarden First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade Other
Frances Nungester
Somerville Road
West Decatur

* 2. Have you referred a child/children to the FACT Project?

* 3. What services did you refer them for?

* 4. Did the child/children receive the assistance they were referred to FACT for?

* 5. Did you notice a change in the Child/Children's classroom performance after the referral?

* 6. Did you notice any change in the Child/Children's behavior after the referral?

* 7. Did you notice an improvement in parental involvement after you referred a child/children to FACT?

* 8. Did the FACT Project Staff respond to the referral in a professional manner?

* 9. Did the FACT Project staff respond to the referral in a timely manner (within one week of the referral)?

* 10. Do you feel the FACT Project has been helpful to you as an educator?

* 11. Do you feel the FACT Services improved your classroom environment?

* 12. Additional comments: