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As many residents are aware, we have been working for the past several years to bring high speed Internet to our community, and especially to our unserved residents. Clarity Connect, in partnership with 12 towns in Cayuga and Tompkins County, has applied for a Federal grant to create the infrastructure needed to make high speed wireless or fiber-to-the-home service available everywhere in each of our towns a reality. However, to have a chance of bringing this funding into our town, we need to SPECIFICALLY demonstrate that the project is needed and viable. This questionnaire is meant to document to what degree our residents are interested in the proposed service. If we are funded, virtually everyone in our town will be able to get high speed wireless Internet and at least two thirds of residents in the 12 towns will get fiber to the home.

We know this is not the first survey you've taken on this topic and we have kept it as short as possible-but we REALLY need your support and ask that you take a moment to respond as soon as possible.

Also, by taking the survey you are not committing yourself to subscribing, nor are you signing up to receive incessant advertising.

* 1. The proposed price for residential high speed wireless service is $29.95/month for a 5 Mbps connection. Would you be interested in that service at that price?

* 2. The proposed price for the fiber-to-the-home service is $39.95/month for an 11 Mbps service. Would you be interested in that service at that price?

* 3. How important do you think it is to our community to have high speed Internet access available to all residents?

* 4. If you think it is important or very important, can you tell us how it might help you or the community?

* 5. Would you like to be contacted when the service is available, assuming the grant is won?

* 6. Whether successful or not with the grant, would you like to get regular updates on our efforts?

* 7. Your physical address (ie, NOT your email address). This is required so we can verify to the grant agency that you are in the targeted service area:

* 8. Optional Contact Info

* 9. Any other comments or thoughts?