* 1. How would you rate the importance of the following items?

  Not very important Neutral Somewhat Important Extremely Important This does not apply to me
Improving my ability to communicate in English
Improving my ability to write in English
Overcoming my fear to speak in class or in public
Getting high grades in all of my classes
Making American friends
Finding a tutor to help me with difficult classes
Finding a job on campus
Developing my leadership skills
Speaking my native language at Furman
Developing a sense of belonging and connectedness at Furman
Participating in sports at Furman
Participating in student organizations or activities at Furman

* 2. How satisfied are you with your experience at Furman in the following areas?

  Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied
Opportunities for fun and entertainment
Dining Hall food options
Paladen food options
Your dormitory room
Opportunities to go shopping for food and personal necessities
Interaction with American students outside of class
Interaction with international students outside of class
Opportunities to participate in organizations on campus
Opportunities to be in leadership positions for organizations on campus

* 3. (First-year students only) How satisfied were you with the following aspects of International Student Orientation?

  Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied
Communication prior to arrival
Academic information provided during orientation
Frequency of van service to Wal-Mart and Cherrydale
Airport transportation to Furman
Health and Safety Information
The information you received about visas, homeland security, and working on-campus
The Mountain Goat Climbing Gym
Dinner with Orientation Staff (Furman students)
Campus Tour

* 4. Tell us what you think would help improve orientation for incoming international students by ranking the following ideas.

  Not helpful Might be helpful Very helpful
Make international student orientation one week & include more activities (academic & social)
An overnight trip to encourage international students to get to know each other
A short course taught by a FU professor introducing a Furman classroom
Intensive writing instruction: how to write an essay, short-answer, research paper with citations, etc.
Classroom discussion practice with debates, presentations, and class participation
Good study habits session: intro to study habits necessary to succeed in a U.S. university
Intro to academic technology: moodle/blackboard practice, Outlook, MyFurman, online library access
Provide more info on culture shock
English conversation partners: pair U.S. students with int'l students for friendship & English practice
Ask returning upperclass international students to participate as mentors in orientation
Infirmary (Health Center) tour to see patient rooms and meet the nurses and doctors

* 5. How often do you use the following services?

  Never Once a month or less At least once a week Every day
Visiting your professors during office hours or by making an appointment
Academic advisor
Studio Lab
Writing Center
Help Desk
Ask your professor a question by email
Academic Assistance (tutors)
Meet with someone in the Office for Study Away and International Education
Ask your RA for assistance
Ask your FRAD for assistance
Health Services

* 6. How satisfied are you with quality of assistance at Furman in the following areas?

  Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very satisfied I have not used this service
First-year student summer advising (before you arrived at Furman)
Academic advisor
Studio Lab
Computer Help Desk
Professors' office hours and/or help outside the classroom
Academic Assistance (tutors)
Assistance provided by the Office for Study Away and International Education
Library facilities and resources
Computer services and repair
Computer facilities and resources
Financial Assistance
Career Services

* 7. We are thinking of ways to ease the transition of international students into the academic culture of the American classroom. Please rank how helpful the following ideas are.

  Not helpful Might be helpful Very helpful
FYS for Int'l students only: professor structures course to provide extra assistance for ESL students
Required study session for Int'l students: one night/week must study together with faculty assistance
Optional study session for Int'l students: one night/week must study together with faculty assistance
Pre-assigned tutors for each class

* 8. If an intensive English class was offered during the summer before your first year at Furman, would you have been interested in attending?

* 9. Do you participate in any sports, clubs, or organizations? If so, please list them.
If you have an on-campus job, please write your job title as well and how many hours you work each week.

* 10. Do you have any other ideas or comments about how we can improve international student services at Furman?