Specifying Parent/Guardian Preferences

This is a survey for Stoughton Public Schools parents/guardians only.  It is designed to give parents/guardians a chance to provide feedback on potential scenarios for the fall learning plan.  The results of this survey will help us identify a back to school model for September.  The School Committee will choose a plan and announce it to the community by August 10th.

You will answer for one child at a time within this survey.

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* 3. Is this student on an IEP or 504 plan? 
(Applicable families will be receiving a separate survey from the special education office.)

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* 4. Will this student be taking bus transportation to and/or from school?

You will now see two different scenarios with choices in each.  One scenario describes full In-Person Learning with Simultaneous Virtual Learning, and the other describes Hybrid models (about 50/50 in-school and remote).
Scenario 1: In-School Learning with Simultaneous Virtual option

In-School Learning would include most students in their regular school with several changes. 
  • ALL students would need to wear a mask all day aside from mask breaks, lunch, and certain outdoor times. 
  • Rooms would be set up so all students have at least 4 feet and an aim for at least 6 feet of physical distancing. 
  • Lunch would be held in classrooms or spaces where children are 6 feet apart (or barriers are set up). 
  • Afterschool activities (school-based) will be limited. 
  • Elementary schedules would remain the same but specials would be in classrooms and may have other restrictions. 
  • Middle and High School schedules would be longer block schedules, about 4 periods per day. 
  • Some Middle and High School classes (certain electives or courses where safety requirements can't be met) may not be offered this year. 
  • Bus transportation would be available for all who have signed up, but, in this scenario, there would be double runs in most locations.
Simultaneous Virtual (remote) Learning with In-School learning, would include:
  • Daily schedules with remote participation in at least 2 sessions daily, regularly reviewed and graded assignments, consistent technology platforms across ALL grades and schools, consistent expectations for student and teacher engagement/curriculum/accountability across the district. 
  • Curriculum would be high quality and consistent. It may include materials curated by SPS teachers and materials provided by DESE.
  • If run at the same time as a full In-School model, Virtual Elementary students would be grouped by grade and have a specific teacher for Virtual learners (not necessarily their home-school teacher). 
  • Elementary specialists may be live or recorded sessions. 
  • Middle and High School students would follow a set schedule and receive instruction either from their regular SHS/OMS teacher or another teacher. 
Full Remote Learning is an option regardless of the district plan.

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* 5. If we were to offer "In-School Learning with a Simultaneous Virtual (remote) Option," which would you pick for this child?

Scenario 2: Hybrid Model
Because of health and safety concerns, physical distancing requirements, transportation issues, and other concerns, we may use a Hybrid Model where students would have in-school learning for half of the time and remote learning for the other half.  In both cases, when students were remote, they would have daily assignments, daily opportunities for connections with educators, recorded and/or live sessions, graded work, and consistent expectations across the district.  We are looking at two versions.

Hybrid Version 1: Two Days In-School/Two Days Remote/One Remote Day for special activities
In this model, students K-12 would be split into two cohorts by family (mostly alphabetically).  Group A would come to school in-person on Mondays and Thursdays.  Group B would come in on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Wednesdays would be remote for all and would include both academic assignments and chances for specials, special events, advisories, school projects, counseling, and special education programs.  Remote learning days in the hybrid model would include daily assignments, opportunities for live and recorded sessions, and expectations for high-quality work.  In-school days would be long blocks for middle and high school, and would be focused on key ELA and Math development for elementary.

Hybrid Version 2: Week In School/Week Out Remotely
In this version, the two student groups (A and B) would come to school for a week at a time, but we would still maintain Wednesdays as a full Remote Day.  This is important to provide activities that will not be able to happen on in-school days.  Special events and additional cleaning would also happen on Wednesdays.

Full Remote Learning would still be an option regardless of overall plan.

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* 6. If we were to offer a Hybrid model, which version would you prefer?

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* 7. Between the two overall Scenarios, which would you prefer?  (Both allow a family/student to remain fully remote.)

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* 8. Do you have another child for whom you would like to provide additional responses?