Leaps & Bounds Children's Centre Arnprior

Leaps & Bounds Children's Centre Arnprior is a quality, licensed child care program operated under the direction of Arnprior and District Child Care Services.  We currently offer toddler, preschool, kinder and school age programs at 225A Baskin Drive West (attached to AJ Charbonneau).  We are often full with a waiting list despite our expansion of Kinder and School Age Programs this past fall (2016).  With the ability to partner again with RCCSB in Arnprior (we already have a program in Renfrew at St. Thomas) we may be able to expand off site.  The goal would be to help those in need of before and after school care for Sept. 2017 as long as the interest is strong.  Please help us determine the need in our community for more Kinder and School Age programs with Leaps & Bounds.

* 1. Are you currently enrolled at Leaps & Bounds Arnprior at AJ Charbonneau?

* 2. Would you be interested in attending a satellite location of Leaps & Bounds at St Joseph's in Arnprior for Sept 2017 (attend either St Joseph's or Walter Zadow)?

* 3. Are you currently a family that receives subsidy from the County of Renfrew or would you be looking for a subsidy space?

* 4. The 2016 rates for our before and after programs at AJ are $21.00 school day / $37.00 non school day (kinder) and $18.50 school day  / $28.00 non school day (school age).   Considering it would be a new program the rate could increase slightly (not determined yet), does that deter you from being interested?