NOLS Circulating E-Reader Survey

Please answer this survey to give the library feedback on your experience checking out a Nook ereader. Questions with an asterisk (*) are required.

* 1. Why were you interested in checking out a Nook?

* 2. How long did you have to wait to get the Nook after placing a hold request?

* 3. Which book or books did you read on the Nook?

* 4. List up to three books that you would like to read on a Nook.

* 5. Describe what you liked about the Nook.

* 6. Describe what you did not like about the Nook.

* 7. How can the library improve the e-readers program?

* 8. If the library were to check out other types of e-readers, what kind would you want to check out?

* 9. How satisfied were you with the library's customer service when you had questions about the Nook?

* 10. List other comments or suggestions you have about the e-readers program.