Water System Service Inventory

City of Ogden

Dear Water Customer:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently issued regulations requiring all public water supply (PWS) systems to identify all materials used in the construction of the water service side and the private (customer) service side of the water service line.
We need your help in providing the privately owned (customer side) information by completing and returning the Water System Service Line Inventory Questionnaire. Please take a few minutes to compete this questionnaire to the best of your ability and return it to the address at the end of the questionnaire.
If you are a renter and are not capable of filling out the questionnaire, please return the questionnaire with your address as well as your landlord’s name and phone number.
Additional information on the Lead and Copper Rule and identifying lead pipes and plumbing can be found on the KDHE Website at: kdhe.ks.gov/547 or at the EPA Website at: epa.gov/dwreginfo/lead-and-copper-rule.
If you have any questions or desire assistance in completing the questionnaire, please contact the City Offices at 785-539-0311. A member of the public works department can assist you in identifying pipes within your home.
We thank you for your cooperation and participation in this survey.
1.Name of person filling out questionnaire(Required.)
2.Property Street Address(Required.)
3.Phone Number(Required.)
4.Landlord name if you are a rentor(Required.)
5.Building Type(Required.)
6.Year house or commercial building was built:
7.Year internal plumbing was installed or updated: ☐Before 1989(Required.)
8.What pipe material is the service line pipe entering your house, foundation or business made of?(Required.)
9.Water service line size:(Required.)
10.What type of material are the plumbing pipes in your house/business mostly made of?(Required.)
11.What is the second most common plumbing pipe material in your house/business?(Required.)
12.Do you have a water softener, water filter or reverse osmosis system installed in the house/business?(Required.)
13.If your home or business meets the criteria for lead and copper sampling, would you be willing to participate in this testing? During testing, a water supply employee would bring an empty bottle to your house, provide you with documentation and instructions on collecting the sample, and pick it up the next morning.