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* 1. How did you first find out about our product?

* 2. What made you decide to purchase our product?

* 3. What did you LIKE most about the product?

* 4. What did you like least about our product and would like to see improvements?

* 5. Any other courses that you really liked in the past & why (be specifically why you liked it)?

* 6. Were you skeptical before you got the product? Can you elaborate on that? If you were skeptical, why did you try?

* 7. What happened when you got the product? Did it work as well as we said? Better than we said? Or less? (Please be specific & elaborate)

* 8. Who would you recommend the product to (specifically)?

* 9. Any other comments/questions/feedback?

* 10. Please fill this out so we can send a free special report to those who finish out the survey.