EVERYONE’S HELP is needed to find out how many hedgehogs there are in Jersey and where in the Island they are located. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

Reports of sightings and numbers of hedgehogs being rescued have changed in recent years. Information received this year will be compared with that received in 2007 to see if numbers are declining or not. For this we need your help. A dramatic decline in the hedgehog population in the UK has been reported in recent years, it is important that we find out if this is also happening in Jersey.
This survey will take place through the summer ending on 30th November 2012.
* Please list any hedgehogs that you see either alive or dead during this period
* It is also important for you to report if you have NOT seen any hedgehogs. (We are particularly keen to hear from people in the North and East of the Island.) If you see none all summer click on "none seen" under the "where seen" question in the Hedgehogs Sightings section.
Hedgehog Sightings – list same hedgehog only once. Please refer to SURVEY MAP below for grid reference(s).


* 3. Your details

Please contact us if you would like more information about hedgehogs or the work of the Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group. Go to or phone 734340 or mail .
If you see a hedgehog lying out of its nest in daytime it is likely to be sick or injured and in need of help, please pick it up with gloves, put it in an escape-proof box or deep bucket and contact us.Thank you for your help.