Thank you for participating in the 2019/2020 BPTrends Market Survey. Your identity will remain anonymous and your responses will be tabulated and included in the Survey results. BPTrends will analyze the data and produce a summary report which we will post to BPTrends where it will remain available to all BPTrends members and readers FREE of charge. 

The Survey has 35 questions.  It is divided into two sections – Section #1 covers the General BPM Market and Section #2 covers the BPM Software Tools and Technology Market.

It is important that you complete the entire Survey so please be sure to Click on the Next Button after the 19th Question at the end of Section 1, go to Section 2 and after completing the 35th Question at the end of Section 2, Click on the Done Button. NOTE: All questions require an answer. You must answer each question prior to moving on to the next.

We appreciate your participation in the Survey and look forward to posting the results for all our BPTrends members and readers to see.

Kind regards,

Paul Harmon and Celia Wolf 
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