Welcome to mySkin's Brand Ambassador Survey!

The mySkin Brand Ambassador Club is our exclusive club of devoted members who share their love for our mySkin brand and products on their social networks.

mySkin is launching a breakthrough new beauty/tech product, OKU™ and we invite you to help us to spread the word for this groundbreaking new device in skincare. 

What is OKU?
OKU is an iPhone connected device that promotes skin wellness by allowing users to see below their skin’s surface and analyze and address their skincare concerns. The elegantly styled OKU (along with our anti-aging app) helps monitor your skin health by looking under that surface, and gives you proactive tips and recommendations to put on back on track to achieve a natural and youthful glow. The more you consult OKU, the more precise the recommendations.

OKU will be available in late spring 2015, when the first batch of OKUs will ship.

What we will do for you:
If picked as a match for our Club, we will send you an OKU for your review. As brand ambassador, you will receive the following:

1. OKU Device valued at $299.95
2. Regular supplies of skincare products, based on the unbiased, personalized product recommendations that OKU will provide
3. Access to VIP information before anyone else (I.e. when new apps/updates come out).
4. mySkin and OKU Swag(Branded Hats, t-Shirts, etc.)

What we would like your help with?
1. Your help to get the word out about OKU and drive people to follow us on social media/ pre-order our product.
2. Once you receive OKU we would love for you to document your experience during the first 28-day trial period (photos, journal entries (video or written), and share OKU results/ranking screenshots on our mySkin blog and post it on your social community pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
3. Your testimonials about our products shared on your social media pages.
4. Share news that you receive from us throughout the year with your friends on your social media pages.

That's all. Ready to get started?