Screening for Prospective HOME Teams (Housing Outreach Mentorship Education)

The H.O.M.E. program pairs community and/or faith-based groups directly with refugee families resettled by the International Rescue Committee in New Jersey. In collaboration with IRC, HOME Teams assist to locate and prepare housing, provide targeted financial assistance and offer ongoing mentorship during a family’s first twelve months in the U.S. View more information about the H.O.M.E. program here. Groups interested in forming a HOME team should answer the following questions and will then be contacted by an IRC staff member for further discussions.

* 1. What is your full name?

* 2. Please provide your email address.

* 3. Please provide your phone number.

* 4. What is the name of the organization or faith-based group to which you belong that is interested in forming a HOME team?

* 5. What is your role/title within your group or organization (if any)?

* 6. Where is this group located? Please indicate the CITY and COUNTY in New Jersey (ex: Elizabeth, Union County).

* 7. What languages are spoken FLUENTLY among your group's members?

* 8. Are you currently working with or in contact with any refugee families that have been resettled in New Jersey?

* 9. If yes, please indicate how you connected with these individuals and in what capacity you currently work with them?

* 10. Is your group or organization able to provide the following support for a refugee family? Please note IRC is seeking HOME teams that can provide support in all three of the following areas.

* 11. What would be your HOME team's preference regarding housing for the refugee family you work with? Please note, finding affordable housing (within HUD Fair Market Rent guidelines) for a family with no employment or credit history can be extremely difficult. If HOME teams cannot locate housing, they should be willing to support a family for whom IRC locates housing in Elizabeth.

* 12. Please let us know if there is any additional information you think would be helpful for us to know about you or your group.

100% of survey complete.