1. Consent Form

Consent Form for survey on "Access and Use of Non-English Information: Exploring User Issues with Multi-Language Database Systems"

You are invited to participate in a research study that is being conducted by YooJin Ha, the Principal Investigator of this study, who is a doctoral candidate in the department of School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies (SCILS) at Rutgers University. SCILS at Rutgers University supports the practice of protection for human subjects participating in research. The following information is provided for you to decide whether you wish to participate in the present study.

The purpose of this research is to explore non-English information seekers’ information needs and study their information seeking behavior. It also includes exploring if new features are needed to improve cross-language access to bibliographic records in Databases and Online Public Access Catalogs for non-English information seekers. Additionally, it will attempt to determine the appropriateness of the bibliographic record.

You will be asked some questions about your experiences using information retrieval systems. You will be also asked to evaluate bibliographic records which are taken from online databases and online library catalogs. There are no correct answers to this questionnaire. The answers will merely reflect your opinions of the bibliographic records. Completing the questionnaire should take approximately 15 to 25 minutes.

The results of this survey will be reported anonymously. Anonymous means that the principal investigator, YooJin Ha will record no information about you that could identify you. This means that the Principal investigator will not record your name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc. The information will be kept confidential by limiting individual's access to the research data and keeping it in a secure location. The researcher, her advisor, Professor Dan O'Connor, and the Institutional Review Board at Rutgers University are the only parties that will be allowed to see the data, except as may be required by law. If a report of this study is published, or the results are presented at a professional conference, only group results will be stated, unless you have agreed otherwise.

Although no discomfort is anticipated while participating in this study, you are free to stop your participation by not completing the questionnaire if any of the questions make you feel uncomfortable at any time.

If you have any questions about your rights as a research subject, you may contact the Sponsored Programs Administrator at Rutgers University at:
Rutgers University Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
3 Rutgers Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8559
Tel: 732-932-0150 ext. 2104
Email: humansubjects@orsp.rutgers.edu

If you would like additional information regarding this study, including results, before or after its completion, please feel free to contact YooJin Ha by e-mail or Professor O'Connor by phone or email.


YooJin Ha
Doctoral candidate
School of Communication Information and Library Studies
Rutgers University
4, Huntington Street, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901, U.S.A.

Phone/email for Professor Dan O'Connor
732-932-7500 x8219

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