Parish life should include more than just church attendance. By engaging in the community, you help enrich your spirituality and live the life of a Catholic. To this end, the Stewardship Committee needs your input to better understand what is important to you and to deliver the services that help you participate in church life.

* 1. What do you want and expect from St Patrick’s/St Adalbert’s Church, now and in the immediate future?(Check all that apply)

* 2. Please mark all Spiritual Events that interest you.

* 3. Please mark all gathering and social events that interest you.

* 4. How frequent do you attend St Patrick’s/St Adalbert’s Church or other local Churches?

* 5. How can St Patrick’s/St Adalbert’s increase your participation in Church services and events?

* 6. What is the size of your household?

* 7. Are you responding for yourself or your family

* 8. Indicate which church you are a member of