Do you have contact with children of any age over the summer?

While participating in activities organized by your organization, do they build skills and learn?

If the answer to both of these questions is YES, we invite you to join us as a Launch to Learn Site.

This year, sites can select from three different levels of partnership: Passport Distribution, Stamp, and Finish Line Sites.

We recognize the importance of summer learning opportunities for our children and youth in central New Mexico. When not engaged in educational activities, students lose skills over the summer. We know that the achievement gap between more and less well-resourced students widens during the summer months when children are not stimulated intellectually.

In an effort to combat summer learning loss, Mission: Graduate and the City of Albuquerque are inviting you to join us as a Launch to Learn Site. What do we ask of you?

Before the summer of 2016,
* Commit 30-60 minutes of staff time to participate in a formal L2L site training.
* (Optional) Participate in our public Kick-Off event in May and receive recognition at the event.
* Organizations that choose to be Stamp or Finish Line Sites will participate in a discussion with us about your data collection practices.

During the summer of 2016,
* Maintain a display at your sites that includes a poster, copies of our Launch to Learn Passports, and other materials.
* Prepare your staff to answer questions about Launch to Learn.
* Organizations that choose to be Stamp or Finish Line Sites will stamp passports with a rubber stamp we provide.
* Organizations that choose to be Finish Line Sites will collect coupons and distribute prizes.

In the fall of 2016,
• Complete a post-summer survey.

In addition, as a Launch to Learn Site, you will benefit from significant publicity at no charge to you. Your organization’s profile will be featured on our Launch to Learn website. If you commit before April 22nd, you will also be listed in thousands of student passports.

To join us as a Launch to Learn Site, please complete the commitment form on the following pages. Thank you for your partnership!

Questions? Contact Tracy McDaniel at or 505-247-3671