* 1. Are you a BGSC Member on Meetup or Facebook?

* 2. How many movie screenings have you seen with the BGSC in the past year?

* 3. Which of these windows for start time suits you for regular movie sessions?

* 4. Which of these Cinemas will you go to?

* 5. Which of these categories interest you?
Some of these are themes, some are genres, specific series, and others are general collections. There will be some overlap.

* 6. Generally speaking would you hang out with the group after the movie to chat about it over something to eat or drink?

* 7. Outside regular screenings what kinds of movie events interest you?

* 8. Any other comments or suggestions around Movie/Film based events?

* 9. Would you be interested in a separate "Movie Club" event where we have a movie (or movies) of the month to discuss. Would likely be usually classic movies chosen or a theme or idea explored through multiple movies.