JFK Academy Interest Survey - Introduction

Many high schools in WCCUSD and around the state offer students the opportunity to participate in an Academy while they are in high school.  These experiences provide students with opportunities to learn   about possible future careers and to obtain job-related skills while attending high school classes.  Students have the option of applying to be part of an Academy starting in their Sophomore year.  Currently, we have one Academy choice at JFK: the Information Technology Academy.

We want your feedback about the types of  Academy options that you would like to see offered at John F. Kennedy High School.  Each Academy focuses its career program on at least one of the 15 industry sectors established for Career and
Technical Education by the California Department of Education. Please take our survey to provide your input. 

* 1. I am a...

* 2. Do you want to see more Academy options at John F. Kennedy High School? 

* 4. Why would this be your first choice?

* 6. Why would this be your second choice?

* 8. Why would this be your third choice?

* 9. How many Academy options would you like to see at John F. Kennedy High School?