* 1. Did you watch the presentation by Kristina Martin on " Document control for Control Freaks" AFTER February 28th, 2017?

* 2.  True or False?
Job Aids fall under document control requirements.

* 3. What tasks cannot be delegated from the CLIA Director to the lab supervisor (Select all that apply)?

* 4. Staff are required to review procedures under what circumstances (Select all that apply)?

* 5. What methods can be used to ensure document control for job aids in the workplace (Select all that apply)?

* 6. True or False?:
The main goal of document control is to ensure that only current documents are used for testing processes and that qualified individuals are responsible for creation and approval of these documents.

* 7. What is your name as you would like it to appear on the PACE certificate?

* 8. What is your email address so that I may send you your PACE certificate?