What's this about?

All of what we do at Kolot is driven by our values and requires our involvement. But two core aspects of Kolot's congregational life -- Shamases to greet people at weekly Shabbat services and Gemilut Hasadim helpers to provide support to Kolotniks in times of need (illness, death, arrival of a new baby, etc.) -- are especially dependent on regular volunteers all year long with no real "slow down time" over the summer (as is true for many of our programs).

At present, Kolot members are asked to volunteer to help out, but there is no requirement that they do so. Recruiting volunteers is time consuming and often, not enough people are willing to help out and the same small core of folks perform these vital roles over and over. The leaders (clergy, staff and volunteers) managing this work feel a change is needed and this short survey seeks your input about some possibilities.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and ideas. We hope it will help point us to a clear answer to what we should to do to address this challenge. The clergy and board will make a decision from there.

Thank you!

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann
Cantor Lisa B. Segal
Ellen Lubell, Chair, Gemilut Hasadim
Kathy August, Chair, Shamases
Cindy Greenberg, President