Kitselas Way Master Plan 2021

Project Background
Kitselas Development Limited Partnership, on behalf of Kitselas First Nation has developed a Master Plan for a large piece of land located in Thornhill that was part of the Kitselas 2017 Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Benefits Agreement.

We have collected input from our Members, stakeholders and the community surrounding the property to help us create a vision and future plan for the property. 

The Master Plan creates a solid blueprint for the future community that balances different land uses, including commercial, light industrial, community use space and homes for people to live in. Social housing for Elders and families is also included in the Master Plan. It outlines site servicing, future road layout, and design elements that highlight Kitselas culture as desired by Members. The Plan will also serve as a marketing tool to attract future developers. 

The draft Plan is now ready complete and we need your blessing before we take it to Chief and Council for adoption.  The survey questions below will help us know your thoughts on the Plan.

Surveys are due June 10th at 4:00p.m.  Completed hard copies can be given to Matilda Henry, Communications Officer or Geneva Mason, Community Engagement Coordinator.  

Question Title

* Have you had a chance to review the draft Kitselas Way Master Plan before completing the survey?

Question Title

* On page 24 of the Master Plan is the Vision for this new neighbourhood, based on input gathered from Members.  The vision is:  'A welcoming and complete neighbourhood that supports Kitselas First Nation prosperity, culture and pride, now and for generations to come'.  

Do you agree with the vision?  

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* Proposed land uses for the property are described on pages 28 - 33.  Tell us what you think about the proposed land uses.  If you are filling out a paper survey give us a rating from 0 - 5 stars.

Question Title

* On page 36 of the Master Plan, we describe the 'design spirit' of the future neighbourhood.  

Do you feel Kitselas culture and identify is adequately captured here and throughout the Master Plan?

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* Is there anything else you would like to share about the draft Kitselas Way Master Plan before it is finalized and presented to Chief and Council for Adoption?

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* Thank you for completing the survey!  If you would like to be entered into the prize draw to win a $ 100 Save-On Foods gift card, please provide your name and phone number below.