What are the issues important to you?

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The most important thing a School Board member can do is to listen. As as a candidate for the Alpine School Board, I want to hear your opinion on the issues that have been reported to me by parents and voters.
-Kirby Glad

* 1. Here are some issues the voters have reported to me as concerns with the Alpine School District. Do you agree that these reported issues are problems?

  Strongly Agree - Is a Problem Agree - Is a Problem Disagree - Not a problem Don't Know
"School Board doesn't listen to parents"
"Common Core - giving up control over what is taught in school to an out-of-state committee"
"Property tax increase of $10 a month"
"Spending too much on fancy buildings"
"School Board is a rubber stamp for the administration rather than representing parents"
"Investigations math / fuzzy math, is bad for our kids"
"Lack of academic excellence - we are not preparing our children to compete globally"
"Parents don't have enough influence at the school level"
"Teacher tenure in 3 years"
"UEA has too much power"
"The way teachers are evaluated makes it hard to identify poor teachers"
"Federal intrusion into our schools"