Stories from School Staff

This confidential survey has four questions for school staff in Australia.

The survey provides a way for you to share your experiences of delivering education during COVID19 - without disclosing your identity.

The survey is an initiative of The Kindness Pandemic, a project established to promote acts of kindness during COVID19. The Kindness Pandemic, which grew to over 1/2 million Facebook members in less than two weeks, hosts a new campaign every two weeks to throw the spotlight on a different group of people who are doing it tough.

Members of The Kindness Pandemic have called for a focus on acts of kindness for school staff. Several teachers have told us how tough it is, and how hard they are working ... but few feel safe sharing their stories - unless they are confidential. 

Sharing stories of what it is like for school staff to be delivering education during COVID19 is really important. The stories help the community (including parents and students) to understand what is difficult and how hard you are working. We have found that stories can lead to compassionate responses from community - that's our aim. We would like to share stories from school staff - and then ask the community to undertake acts of kindness for school staff. 

If you share your story with us you will be asked: 
  1. Your name (you can use your first name or made up name)
  2. Your role at school (deidentified)
  3. About your experiences of delivering education COVID19

Your story will be shared on our webpage and in our Facebook Group to help build an understanding of what school staff are experiencing. Your story may be edited to fit the page. 

Please check our Schools webpage (here) for more information about our Campaign - and to see how powerful the three stories we have already documented are. 

For more information please contact Dr Catherine Barrett, Kindness Pandemic Founder and Director on:


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* 1. What is your name? (use your first name, or make up a name)

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* 2. What is your role at school?

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* 3. What has work been like for you during COVID19; what difficulties have you experienced and how have you managed these?

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* 4. Please share any other comments you have below:

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