LOCATION: Brewer Cowesett Marina, 1 Masthead Dr., Warwick, RI

Is your organization interested in taking part in this terrific annual event?

Last year's event was cancelled due to a storm, but in 2016 154 kids were treated to the experience of fishing on a boat in the calm waters of Greenwich Bay (a part of Narragansett Bay).

There were 54 of our member boats and 154 adult volunteers, all members of the R.I. Saltwater Anglers Association. Every boat had a captain (the owner of the boat) and a "mate", another adult member responsible for watching the children while aboard, teaching and helping them with the fishing, taking the fish off the hook, etc.

After the fishing is done (about 2.5 hours), everyone goes back to shore and are treated to a huge cookout of burgers, hot dogs, salad, chips. Newport Creamery provides free ice cream cups!

This is foremost in everything we do.
Most boats will take only 2 to 4 children, and as mentioned above, every boat has at least two adult RISAA members aboard.
Every child must wear a PFD (life-preserver) at all times while on the boats.
Soon after arrival, children are given a brief (about 10 minutes) of safety advice by members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, telling them about behaving on the boat, showing them how the PDF will be worn, about fish hooks, etc.
Every boat remains within Greenwich Bay, all within sight of each other.
Every year, RIDEM has an Enforcement (police) boat with our group for added safety.
A EMT (firefighter) on hand for first aid.

8:00 AM - All groups/children must arrive. Group leaders check in WHEN THE WHOLE GROUP ARRIVES. Kids all receive free hats. Safety instructions.

8:30-9:00 AM - Assignments begin. Kids meet boat captains they will be fishing with, pose for a photo together, and head out fishing.

11:30 AM - Boats begin returning to the marina. LOTS OF HAPPY KIDS TELLING STORIES OF THE FISH THEY CAUGHT! Plenty of photos. TV news crews usually around.

NOON - Cookout for everyone, including group chaperones.

1:30 PM - Kids all go home with stories to tell and memories that will last a lifetime!

*Important* - Chaperones and parents will be required to remain on shore. Every adult that goes on a boat means one less child can be accepted, but if there are available spaces on the boats, any chaperone that wants to go along will be allowed to, although we won't know this until the last minute.
We want you to know in advance that this is NOT GUARANTEED and you must inform your chaperones and parents of this rule.

If you're ready to sign up your group, then proceed.....

Displaying the catch

Displaying the catch